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X-ray Crystallography Laboratory

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​​The X-ray Crystallography Laboratory of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry conducts characterizations by X-ray diffraction of small-molecule organic or inorganic single crystals submitted primarily by the Department. As an extension service, the facility also accepts sample submissions from other departments of the University, and from local, national, and international collaborators of academe and industry. The facility also serves as an ancillary graduate research laboratory for selected graduate students pursuing studies in inorganic chemistry leading to a doctorate degree.

Currently, structural studies are performed on a dual wavelength APEX II Duo (Mo & Cu) Bruker-AXS CCD X-ray diffractometer. Data are collected typically at 200K. Structures are solved with SHELXTL software. Typical turn-around times under average conditions, from start of data-collection to completely refined structure, range from a few hours to a day.  The XCL requests that papers with structures obtained after 2011 at this laboratory to acknowledge NSF CRIF grant 1048367, PI: K.H. Theopold, “Acquisition of a Single-Crystal X-ray Diffractometer.”

Completed structures can be accessed through the web. To register for the secure web server, please send an email message with an account name and password.

Sample submission form suitable for accompanying information for crystal samples.

Guide to crystal growing by Prof. Paul D. Boyle, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada: locally mirrored with his permission or at his site.

Read the Delaware Radiation Control Regulations.

Directi​ons to the department.

Campus map: The X-ray Crystallography Laboratory is located at Drake Hall and the office is in Brown Laboratory on the Green. Visitor parking is on lot 41 in the Visitors' Center across South College Avenue from Morrison Library.

Contact Information

Dr. Glenn P. A. Yap -
236 Brown Laboratory
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716

Office telephone: 302-831-4441
Laboratory telephone: 302-831-4345
Fax: 302-831-6335

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