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  • Jodi Hadden-Perilla, Assistant Professor

    Assistant Professor
    University of Delaware
    235 Brown Lab
    Newark, DE 19716
    (302) 831-7054


    ​(b. 1984) B.S, 2002, Armstrong Atlantic State University; Ph.D., 2014, University of Georgia; Postdoctoral Researcher, 2014-2017, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Technology Training Organizer, 2016, NIH Center for Macromolecular Modeling and Bioinformatics; Postdoctoral Researcher, 2017-2019, University of Delaware.

    Current Research

    ​At the technological interface of chemistry, physics, biology, and computing, there exists the only scientific instrument capable of characterizing the conformational dynamics of macromolecules, and the functional properties they give rise to, at atomistic resolution. The computational microscope, realized through the application of supercomputers to perform all-atom molecular dynamics simulations, has emerged as a powerful tool to investigate the complex cellular machinery that supports life, as well as the pathogenic systems that threaten it. The Hadden Lab leverages the computational microscope to study biological machines, including viruses and molecular motors. We dissect machines to reveal the inner-workings of key components and how the components cooperate to drive overall action. By elucidating the mechanisms by which machines function, we aim to identify strategies to inhibit undesired functions (e.g., in viral infection) and prevent dysfunction (e.g. in essential cellular processes), ultimately to treat disease. Currently, we are focused on the hepatitis B virus capsid, the cytoplasmic dynein motor domain, and the role of carbohydrates and glycoconjugates in immunity and disease.

    Representative Publications

    • "Assembly properties of hepatitis B virus core protein mutants correlate with their resistance to assembly-directed antivirals" Lu Ruan, Jodi A. Hadden*, Adam Zlotnick*; Journal of Virology (2018) 92, e01082-18.

    • "All-atom simulations of viruses" Jodi A. Hadden* and Juan R. Perilla; Current Opinion in Virology (2018) 31, 82-91.

    • "All-atom molecular dynamics of the HBV capsid reveals insights into biological function and cryo-EM resolution limits" Jodi A. Hadden*, Juan R. Perilla, Christopher John Schlicksup, Balasubramanian Venkatakrishnan, Adam Zlotnick, Klaus Schulten; eLife (2018) 7, e32478.

    • "Angular measurements of the dynein ring reveal a stepping mechanism dependent on a flexible stalk" Lisa G. Lippert, Tali Dadosh, Jodi A. Hadden, Vishakha Karnawat, Benjamin T. Diroll, Christopher B. Murray, Erika L. F. Holzbaur, Klaus Schulten, Samara L. Reck-Peterson, and Yale E. Goldman; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2017) 114, E4564-E4573.

    • "3D implementation of the symbol nomenclature for graphical representation of glycans" David F. Thieker, Jodi A. Hadden, Klaus Schulten, Robert J. Woods; Glycobiology (2016) 26, 786-787.

    • "All-atom molecular dynamics of virus capsids as drug targets" Juan R. Perilla, Jodi A. Hadden, Boon Chong Goh, Christopher G. Mayne, and Klaus Schulten; Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2016) 7, 1836-1844.

    • "Effect of microfibril twisting on theoretical powder diffraction patterns of cellulose Iβ" Jodi A. Hadden, Alfred D. French, and Robert J. Woods; Cellulose (2014) 21, 879-884.

    • "Unraveling cellulose microfibrils: A twisted tale" Jodi A. Hadden, Alfred D. French, and Robert J. Woods; Biopolymers (2013) 99, 746-756.



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  • Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • 102 Brown Laboratory
  • University of Delaware
  • Newark, DE 19716, USA
  • Phone: 302-831-1247
  • Undergraduate Program Inquiries 302-831-2465