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Department Chairman

Dr. Brian BahnsonProfessor, Department Chairman x1247 102C Brown Lab

Administrative Staff

Stephanie SolomonBusiness Administrator IIx1961 stephs@udel.edu104B Brown Lab
Susan CheadleAdministrative Assistant to the Chair Administrative Assistant III Graduate Program (Post-admission), Undergraduate Programx1247 scheadle@udel.edu102 Brown Lab
Sue James​Administrative Assistant III HR Liaison​104A Brown Lab
Ayodele JohnsonAdministrative Assistant IIx1966 ayodele@udel.edu104 Brown Lab
Lori Nesnow Administrative Assistant II Graduate Recruitment (Pre-admission)x2462 lnesnow@udel.edu102 Brown Lab
Ann-Marie Nowak​Administrative Assistant II​​x1962​​​104 Brown Lab

CBI Grant Support

Stephanie BergwallCoordinator, CBI Program x1584 104 BRL

COBRE Grant Support

Dawn YasikBusiness Administrator I x2433 210 LDL
​ Vera Vladimirova​Business Administrator I​x6927​​ 037 Brown Lab

Computing Support

Pat McMahonManager Dept. Computing Ops.x4289 pmcmahon@udel.edu210 Brown Lab
Justin VitelliComputing Support Specialist Ix4289 jvitelli@udel.edu210 Brown Lab

Financial Services

Suzanne HendelFinancial Processorx4423 shendel@udel.edu104 Brown Lab

Grants Administration

VacantSr. Sponsored Programs Coordinatorx2461104 Brown Lab
VacantSr. Sponsored Programs Coordinatorx8996104 Brown Lab

Instructional Laboratory Staff

Kathryn BurkeManager, Introductory Laboratoriesx7213 kdburke@udel.edu175 Brown Lab
Federico CruzManager, Analytical/Physical Laboratoriesx8824 cruzf@udel.edu176 Brown Lab
Donnie Golden​Laboratory Coordinator I​x2725 ​​112a Drake Hall
​​ Matthew Iverson​​Sr. Lab Technician​x3073​​​​104a Drake Hall
Geoffrey SametzManager, Organic Laboratoriesx3621 sametz@udel.edu104 Drake Hall
Kimberly Vogt​Sr. Lab Technician​​104a Drake Hall

Instrument Facility Staff

Steve BaiManager, NMR Facilityx8901 bais@udel.edu032 Brown Lab
PapaNii Asare-OkaiManager, Mass Spec Facilityx4830 pasare@udel.edu110 LDL
Caitlin QuinnNMR Spectroscopistx1678 cmquinn@udel.edu032 Brown Lab
​Mass Spectrometrist​x3578vacant​111 LDL
Glenn YapManager, X-Ray Facilityx4441 gpyap@udel.edu236 Brown Lab

Technical Services Staff

John NeffMaster Glass Technicianx2463 jneff@udel.edu011 Brown Lab
Mark SchraderMaster Machinistx2994 markvier@udel.edu010 Brown Lab
Moiscell Robinson Master Elec./Instrument Specialistx2995 moisrob@udel.edu005 Brown Lab
John FamigliettiMaster Elec./Instrument Specialistx2995 jfamig@udel.edu005 Brown Lab
Doug NixonManager, Technical Servicesx1518 dnixon@udel.edu104D Brown Lab

Storeroom - Fisher Scientific

Gary Lance Fisher Storeroom Clerkx1965 gary.lance@thermofisher.com063 Brown Lab

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