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B.S. in Biochemistry (BSAS/BIOC)

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Freshmen Y​ear

First SemesterCr.Second SemesterCr.
Critical Reading & Writing, ENGL-110a3Introductory Biology I, BISC-2074
General Chemistry, CHEM-111
3General Chemistry, CHEM-1123
Intro to Chemical Sciences, CHEM-1152Quantitative Chemistry, CHEM-1203
UNIV-101 First Year Seminar (FYS)1
Anal. Geom. & Calculus B, MATH- 
Anal. Geom. & Calculus A, MATH-2414242 (recommended)bor Elective, e.g., CISC-106
Group A, B, or C Electivec3
Group A, B, or C Electivec3

16  16/17

Sophom​ore Year

First SemesterCr.Second SemesterCr.
Organic Chemistry, CHEM-3313Organic Chemistry, CHEM-3323
Organic Chemistry Lab I, CHEM-3332Organic Chemistry Lab II, CHEM-3342
Introductory Biology II, BISC-2084Intro to Biochemistry, CHEM-3423
Group A, B, or C Electivec3
General Physics, PHYS-202 (or PHYS-208)
General Physics, PHYS-201 (or PHYS-207)
4Group A, B, or C Electivec3
  16  15

Junior Year*

First SemesterCr.Second SemesterCr.
Intro Physical Chemistry, CHEM-418
(or CHEM-443)
3Intro Physical Chemistry, CHEM-419
(or CHEM-444)
Physical Chemistry Lab, CHEM-4451Inst. Methods, CHEM-4373
Biochemistry, CHEM-6413Inst. Methods Lab, CHEM-4381
Group A, B, or C Electivesc9Biochemistry, CHEM-6423
  16  16

Senior ​​Year*

First SemesterCr.Second SemesterCr.
CHEM-643 Intermediary Metabolism3Electives12
Advanced Chemistry (CHEM-6XX) or Biology course (BISC-XXX)d3
Advanced Chemistry (CHEM-6XX) or Biology course (BISC-XXX)d3
Senior Seminar, CHEM-465 (fall version)i1Seminar, CHEM-465 (spring version)i1
Undergraduate Research, CHEM-468e,i (or substitution of designated lab coursef)3

   Elective   3
  13/14  16/17

Total:​ 124 credit hours minimumi

Chemistry: 47 credit hours minimum (CHEM-XXX courses)

Can​​didates for a B.S. in Biochemistry must achieve a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 for all chemistry courses (CHEM-XXX) taken.h Grades earned for approved BISC courses taken in place of CHEM courses will be included in this GPA calculation.
  1. ​​A second writing course is required involving significant writing experience including two papers with a combined minimum of 3,000 words to be submitted for extended faculty critique of both composition and content. This requirement can only be filled in the junior or senior year. A minimum grade of C must be earned. The course must be on the approved list of courses for the second writing requirement and must be designated as a second writing requirement section in the registration booklet when the course is taken.
  2. MATH-24​​​​​​2 is strongly recomme​nded.
  3. Group A, B, and C electives refer to the Arts and Science B.A. curriculum. A total of 21 credits in Groups A, B, and C are required, with a minimum of six credits in each group. The course used to satisfy the 3 credit multicultural course requirement may also satisfy part of the A/B/C group requirement simultaneously, as long as it is on the approved lists for both the A/B/C group and multicultural course requirements. Minimum grades of C-required.
  4. Acceptable biology courses are as follows:
    • BISC-300 Introduction to Microbiology (4)
    • BISC-306 General Physiology (3)
    • BISC-401 Molecular Biology of the Cell (3)
    • BISC-403 Genetic and Evolutionary Biology (3)
    • BISC-601 Immunochemistry (4)
    • BISC-654 Biochemical Genetics (3)
    • BISC-679 Virology (3)
  5. With advisor's consent. Grading for CHEM-468 will be P/F only, unless a comprehensive final report is written, whereupon a minimum of 3 credits and a maximum of 12 credits can be converted to a letter grade.
  6. Acceptab​le laboratory courses are as follows:
    • BISC-300 Introduction to Microbiology (4)
    • BISC-601 Immunochemistry (4)
    • BISC-315 Experimental Cell Biology (3)*
    • BISC-316 Experimental Physiology (3)*
    • BISC-411 Experimental Molecular Biology (4)*
    • BISC-413 Advanced Genetics Laboratory (3)*
                *Intended for BISC majors; very few openings for non-majors
  7. ​​See footnote (h) in BSAS/CHEM curriculum.
  8. A 3 credit Discovery Learning Experience must be included in the total of 124 credits (see description in current Undergraduate Catalog).
  9. CHEM-465 and CHEM-468 satisfy capstone requirement.

Effecti​​ve 9/1/17 - (Class of 2021)​

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B.S. in Biochemistry
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B.S. in Biochemistry (BSAS/BIOC)
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