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B.S. in Biochemistry (BSAS/BIOC)

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Freshmen Y​ear

First SemesterCr.Second SemesterCr.
Critical Reading & Writing, ENGL-110a3Introductory Biology I, BISC-2074
General Chemistry, CHEM-111
3General Chemistry, CHEM-1123
Intro to Chemical Sciences, CHEM-1152Quantitative Chemistry, CHEM-1203
UNIV-101 First Year Seminar (FYS)1
Anal. Geom. & Calculus B, MATH- 
Anal. Geom. & Calculus A, MATH-2414242 (recommended)bor Elective, e.g., CISC-106
Group A, B, or C Electived3
Group A, B, or C Electived3

16  16/17

Sophom​ore Year

First SemesterCr.Second SemesterCr.
Organic Chemistry, CHEM-3313Organic Chemistry, CHEM-3323
Organic Chemistry Lab I, CHEM-3332Organic Chemistry Lab II, CHEM-3342
Introductory Biology II, BISC-2084Intro to Biochemistry, CHEM-3423
Group A, B, or C Electived3
General Physics, PHYS-202 (or PHYS-208)
General Physics, PHYS-201 (or PHYS-207)
4Group A, B, or C Electived3
  16  15

Junior Year*

First SemesterCr.Second SemesterCr.
Intro Physical Chemistry, CHEM-418
(or CHEM-443)
3Intro Physical Chemistry, CHEM-419
(or CHEM-444)
Physical Chemistry Lab, CHEM-4451Inst. Methods, CHEM-4373
Biochemistry, CHEM-6413Inst. Methods Lab, CHEM-4381
Group A, B, or C Electivesd9Biochemistry, CHEM-6423
  16  16

Senior ​​Year*

First SemesterCr.Second SemesterCr.
CHEM-643 Intermediary Metabolism3Electives12
Advanced Chemistry (CHEM-6XX) or Biology course (BISC-XXX)d3
Advanced Chemistry (CHEM-6XX) or Biology course (BISC-XXX)e3
Senior Seminar, CHEM-465 (fall version)j1Seminar, CHEM-465 (spring version)j1
Undergraduate Research, CHEM-468f,j (or substitution of designated lab courseg)3

   Elective   3
  13/14  16/17

Total:​ 124 credit hours minimum

Chemistry: 47 credit hours minimum (CHEM-XXX courses)

Can​​didates for a B.S. in Biochemistry must achieve a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 for all chemistry courses (CHEM-XXX) taken.h Grades earned for approved BISC courses taken in place of CHEM courses will be included in this GPA calculation.

a​​ A second writing course is required involving significant writing experience including two papers with a combined minimum of 3,000 words to be submitted for extended faculty critique of both composition and content. This requirement can only be filled in the junior or senior year. A minimum grade of C must be earned. The course must be on the approved list of courses for the second writing requirement and must be designated as a second writing requirement section in the registration booklet when the course is taken.

MATH-24​​​​​​2 is strongly recomme​nded.

Group A, B, and C electives refer to the Arts and Science B.A. curriculum. A total of 21 credits in Groups A, B, and C are required, with a minimum of six credits in each group. The course used to satisfy the 3 credit multicultural course requirement may also satisfy part of the A/B/C group requirement simultaneously, as long as it is on the approved lists for both the A/B/C group and multicultural course requirements. Minimum grades of C-required.

Acceptable biology courses are as follows:

      • BISC-300 Introduction to Microbiology (4)
      • BISC-306 General Physiology (3)
      • BISC-401 Molecular Biology of the Cell (3)
      • BISC-403 Genetic and Evolutionary Biology (3)
      • BISC-601 Immunochemistry (4)
      • BISC-654 Biochemical Genetics (3)
      • BISC-679 Virology (3)

With advisor's consent. Grading for CHEM-468 will be P/F only, unless a comprehensive final report is written, whereupon a minimum of 3 credits and a maximum of 12 credits can be converted to a letter grade.

Acceptab​le laboratory courses are as follows:
      • BISC-300 Introduction to Microbiology (4)
      • BISC-601 Immunochemistry (4)
      • BISC-315 Experimental Cell Biology (3)*
      • BISC-316 Experimental Physiology (3)*
      • BISC-411 Experimental Molecular Biology (4)*
      • BISC-413 Advanced Genetics Laboratory (3)*
            *Intended for BISC majors; very few openings for non-majors

​​h See footnote (h) in BSAS/CHEM curriculum.

A 3 credit Discovery Learning Experience must be included in the total of 124 credits A 3 credit Discovery Learning Experience must be included in the total of 124 credits. In order for an independent study course to be approved to satisfy DLE, the student and their supervising faculty member must complete the Independent Study/Discovery Learning (DLE) webform (info here: This must be completed before the registration change deadline in the semester the course is taken (see description in current Undergraduate Catalog).

CHEM-465 and CHEM-468 satisfy capstone requirement.

Effecti​​ve 9/1/18 - (Class of 2022)​

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B.S. in Biochemistry
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