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B.S. Program in Chemistry with Environmental Concentration (BSAS/CHEM/ENCH)

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(Certified by​​ the American Chemical Society)

All requirements descri​bed for the B.S. in Chemistry, as described for a B.S. in ​Chemistry​ must be met. The following requirements must also be met​​ for the ENCH Concentration, in lieu of an equivalent number (13-14) of free elective credits:

Basic Environmentally Related Science (two semesters required)
BISC 207/208Introductory Biology I/II
GEOG 152/220Climate and Life/Meteorology
GEOL 105/115/107Geological Hazards & Their Human Impact/General Geology


Advanced Courses in Chemistry of the Environment (two semesters required)
BISC-302General Ecology (prerequisite: BISC 208)
CHEM-608Environmental Soil Chemistry
CHEM-625​Heterogeneous Atmospheric Chemistry
CHEM-681Green Chemistry
CHEM-683Environmental Chemistry
CHEM-810Kinetics and Surface Chemistry of Soils
CHEM-855Marine Inorganic Chemistry
CIEG-433Hazardous Waste Management (prerequisite: CIEG 233)
CIEG-437Water and Waste Water Quality (prerequisite: CIEG 233)
CIEG-632Chemical Aspects of Environmental Engineering
CIEG-634Containment Transport and Separation in Environmental Systems
CIEG-636Biological Aspects of Environmental Engineering (prerequisite: CIEG 233)
GEOG-412Physical Climatology (prerequisite: GEOG 250)
GEOG-420Atmospheric Physics (prerequisite: GEOG 220)
GEOG-423Atmospheric Dynamics (prerequisite: GEOG 220)
GEOL-421Environmental & Applied Geology (prerequisite: GEOL 302)
MAST-382Introduction to Ocean Sciences
MAST-646Chemical Oceanography
MAST-681Remote Sensing of Environment


Effe​​ctive 9/1/18 - (class of 2022)​

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B.S. Environmental Chemistry
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B.S. Program in Chemistry with Environmental Concentration (BSAS/CHEM/ENCH)
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • 102 Brown Laboratory
  • University of Delaware
  • Newark, DE 19716, USA
  • Phone: 302-831-1247
  • Undergraduate Program Inquiries 302-831-2465